Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday, September 3--Edinburgh, Scotland

So, today was a really, really long travel day for me. This afternoon I flew from Dublin to Aberdeen (which is on the eastern coast of Scotland). Then, I took a bus to get to the train station, and took the train from Aberdeen to Edinburgh (which is farther south on the east cast, near an inlet). I had a flight into Aberdeen but decided that I wanted to go to Edinburgh, so once I landed I had to figure out how to get there. All in all, I was waiting at the airport or rail station or traveling for about nine hours, which was very boring and somehow quite tiring too.

I'm staying in the West End Hostel in Edinburgh, and I really like the atmosphere of it. It's comfortable, and although I'm staying in a room with 12 beds instead of just 6, I still like it.

Sorry there aren't any pictures, but it was pouring all day so I didn't feel like adventuring and getting soaked again.

I'm going to plan my next two days (they're going to be pretty full), then go to sleep. And when I wake up, I can eat a breakfast that's not toast (for super cheap)!

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