Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday-Uffizi Gallery and Wandering

Carmen and I waiting in line for the Uffizi Gallery

entranceway to Uffizi Gallery

Kate and Carmen tired from all day in the gallery

from a park a few blocks from my hostel

monument in exact spot where a car bomb killed 5 people

Today was yet another unstructured (yet fun!) day for me. I got up kind of early this morning so that I could go with Kate and Carmen (two gals from America who are currently studying in Rome, but have been taking weekend trips throughout Italy) to the Uffizi Museum. This museum featured many different, not to mention incredibly famous sculptures, paintings, and drawings. I got to see some works by Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and many others. Kate and Carmen had to catch a train back to Rome, so I took in the last bit of the gallery by myself.

I wandered around Florence for a while in the afternoon, stopping in the Piazza della Signoria for a bit to read and write a bit. This square is really beautiful. It features an exact replica of the sculpture of David, as well as the Fountain of Neptune and a covered, open-air museum featuring lots of different statues. It was a great place to stop, rest, and enjoy the view.

I also stopped in a park that's just a few blocks away from my hostel. It's incredibly beautiful--it had several large arches and a fountain, and some benches to while away the afternoon. After this it started raining pretty intensely, so I'm just spending the night in at the hostel.

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