Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jeju's Loveland

Warning: this post is highly inappropriate. And graphic. If you are reading in a public place, you should know that those who are looking at your laptop over your shoulder are judging you. And judging hard (no innuendo intended)!

I recently had the pleasure of taking a trip to Jeju Island, and one of the best places I went was Loveland. Here's a bit of the history for you: it's a giant statue park "where sexually oriented art and eroticism meet," according to the website. Grdauates of Hongik University started creating erotic sculptures in 2002, and the park opened on November 16, 2004. There are over 140 statues in the park, and more statues and sculptures exist in the two exhibition halls that exist on the property. There is also a sex shop on site.

Everything here was sexual in nature. The door handles to the women's room was a penis, and to the men's room were boobs that were nipping out. I could barely look my friends in the eye while we walked around looking at more nipples than I have seen in my entire life and statues doing things that are probably illegal in some parts of the world. There were even statues of animals getting down and dirty.

And I'm pretty sure I'm still blushing.

I think the best part was seeing a bunch of ajummas (little old ladies, for those not in the know) running around, feeling up the lady statues and giggling like crazy at everything they saw. I wanted to join them because they were having so much fun! And they obviously did not feel any embarrassment whatsoever!

An ajumma, giggling because she had just felt up this statue.

A giant penis fountain.


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