Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday: Prado, Sofia Reina (again), 2016 Olympics Celebration

Spanish church

statue in the Sofia Reina

Picasso drawing from the Sofia Reina

Puerto Alcala

church by Museo del Prado

So this morning I decided to go back to the Sofia Reina Museum because I didn't get the chance to see some rooms that I wanted to. I saw a lot more of Picasso's work this time, which is one of the many highlights of this museum.

After I spent a few hours there, I stopped to eat at a tapas bar for lunch. I tried some paella, which is a traditional Spanish dish. It was pretty delicious, and after I was refreshed I decided to take a walk around Retiro Park. It was a beautiful place to just stroll along casually.

After the park, I went to the Museo del Prado, another very famous Madrid museum. This museum housed more classical works, and had artists such as Rafael, Francisco Goya, Diego Valezquez, and Bosch. They have quite a large collection of Spanish artists, most likely the largest in the world, so visiting this museum gave me a chance to get a bit closer to the interesting history that Spain has.

When I was done at this museum, I heard some loud music in the distance, and decided to follow it. Turns out there was a large celebration to promote Madrid as the city for the 2016 Olympics to be hosted in, so there was a free stage for music and lots of people gathered in support of the cause. After I spent some time at the festival, I decided to go back to the hostel so I can rest up for tomorrow, because I'm going to Germany.

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