Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday, Sept 7-from Dublin to Prague

Prague subway

Where I am in Europe...

staying in the capital city of Prague...

This morning I got up early, took advantage of the included breakfast (just cereal and toast again, boo), then I took the bus to the airport. It was busier there than I had ever seen it begore--I guess I should have expected it, though, beause it was pretty early in the morning. After I finally got through all the lines, I was able to just relax for a bit before we had to board the plane. It was a two hour flight from Dublin to Prague, and I got to sit next to an adorable little boy named Patrick and his father, Sean. It was an interesting flight though--3-year-olds cannot sit still for two hours, that's for sure.

I made my way to the hostel--I had to take a bus, then the subway, then walk (and I got lost walking, so it was an extra half hour lugging all my stuff around). I went to a restaurant across the street for dinner, where I had a delicious steak and bread and had a few beers before I went back to the hostel to sleep. It will be nice to be in one city for one week--I feel like I can relax instead of trying to cram everything into two days.

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