Sunday, February 15, 2015

Photo of the Week 5: Missing Friends

Myself, Libby, and Anika. Fun fact: I will be seeing Libby
again VERY soon. She is meeting me in South Korea in
mid-March, and I could not be more excited!
One thing that I have learned throughout my travels is the importance of having good friends by your side. I have traveled solo for much of my stint in Asia, and sometimes it is very difficult to make new friends. Moving to an entirely new place is especially difficult because I need to find new friends that I would hang out with by choice rather than simply by circumstance. They can't be the fleeting friends-for-a-day that I typically find in hostels, and it's hard to find people that have similar tastes and are in the same state of mind. So one thing that I missing quite a bit right now is my friends from back home. No matter how boring a place might be, friends can make it fun; on the flip side, no matter how exotic of a place I might live, I need good friends to make it interesting! So, um, yeah, here are just a few pictures of me with friends that I've been looking at in an attempt to get rid of homesickness!

Jamie, myself, Emily (photobombing) and Jessica. Some of my favorite ladies ever!

So much happening! I love this picture.

Myself and Erin. I have no idea why I look so sad, we always have great times together!

Always partners in crime. Look at these mischievous mugs!

Rocking out, air band style, at one of our infamous Pub outings.

Eric, Ryne, Kerry and me. Such beauty in one picture! ;)

Myself and Rachel. I miss this lady!

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