Saturday, February 28, 2015

2015 Chinese New Year, Part 2

Chinese New Year in Nakhon Sawan is kind of a big deal. There were so many different events, it would have been impossible to go to them all. There are quite a few fantastic videos on YouTube that help show the craziness and beauty of the event. So I thought I would share some:

The above video shows a traditional lion dance.
It's high-spirited, fun to watch, and incredible to see in person. 
The people who are under the costumes are incredibly talented!

The video below shows the view of the main festivities area from above. 
You can almost make out how many people were there, but it looks like pretty much the entire population is crammed on that beach.

For anyone living or traveling in Thailand at the time of the Chinese New Year, you should come to Nakhon Sawan for the event! There are different things going on every about two weeks. The entire city is decorated, you see lions and dragons roaming the streets at random times, and the night and day parades are experiences that everyone should have. The city is easily accessible by train, bus, and minivan, and is only about three hours north of Bangkok.

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