Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Independence Day in Korea

An image spliced together by Dan.
He might murder me if I didn't credit him.

Katie, Dan and I enjoying our hot dogs on the roof top.
The fourth of July didn't seem to be too much of a big deal here in Korea. At least I didn't hear about any celebrations of the holiday.

Nonetheless, I celebrated. We were blessed with only a light drizzle instead of torrential downpour, even though it is monsoon season, so I bought some giant sparklers and Roman candles and we had some fun on the roof. You can find fireworks in surprising places here--the most mystifying place I found some was at a stationary store stocked between cute folders with cartoons on them and pens.

We celebrated on the roof top. My nice British friend Dan brought hot dogs because he thinks they are the quintessential American food. Luckily no neighbors called the cops for a noise disturbance, because the Roman candles we lit were quite loud.

Not the best story, but we got some good pictures from the night. Enjoy the pictures!

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