Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thai Food Highlight: Sushi in Nakhon Sawan

Okay, I am fully aware that sushi is not actually a Thai dish. It's Japanese, but there are some great Japanese restaurants around Nakhon Sawan. There are tons of little ramen shops all around the city, but Sumo Sushi is by far my favorite. Their food is always fresh, which is definitely important when eating raw fish. I always get gyoza (crispy dumplings filled with pork and some vegetables) and salmon. The salmon is super cheap at only 15 baht per roll -- that's about 50 cents apiece!

Not the best picture, but this sumo wrestler sign makes the place instantly recognizable!
Love it.

Salmon nagiri, aka heaven on top of rice.
The gyoza (dumplings) always comes out hot and fresh, and many people rave about the miso soup!
Personally, I hate miso, so I've never actually tried it.

If anyone in Nakhon Sawan is looking for a spot to eat, I definitely recommend checking this place out. It's located on the south side of Himmaphan (the same road as Nob Nob and Moroc) between Meksawan and Daowadung. Just keep an eye out for the sumo sign!

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