Sunday, November 16, 2014

Welcome to Thailand

Hey everyone! For those that don't know, I recently moved to Thailand. I've been here since October 28th, and the last three weeks have absolutely flown by. Although I've left behind some absolutely amazing people and memories, I've met many lovely new people.

The climate here has been quite different from what I am used to. It snowed this past week in Wisconsin, yet here in Thailand it has been in the upper-80's. When I first arrived, the humidity was much higher, but I am getting used to the warmth and sunlight of beautiful Thailand.

When I first arrived, I stayed in a hotel for the first few nights. Luckily for me, there were lots of great views of the surrounding city from the hotel. It was a bit daunting at first to find places to eat or get coffee, but I discovered a few gems. There was an unfortunate misunderstanding which resulted in a disgusting apple/coffee shake. But hey, this isn't the first time I've been given something unexpected at a restaurant

Take a look at the views!

Hopefully you can see some of the Buddhist monuments that Nakhon Sawan is famous for in the picture. There is a temple on top of the hill, and a giant sitting Buddha about halfway up the hill. I love how this picture turned out!

Many of the surrounding buildings had tin roofs. This isn't a typical feature of homes in America, so I thought I'd post a view. The sound when it is raining is pretty great too!
One of the best things about Thailand is the food. There are tons of little vendors that sell fresh fruit. Their wares are typically on display, and when you choose one, they will cut it up and stick it in a bag with a stick so that you can eat it immediately. Delicious!

Chinese kale dish.

Vegetarian cashew/tofu dish.

Myself, Ruth, Matt, Jay, and Nici.

Here's a picture of myself and my AMAZING coworkers at one of the best restaurants in Nakhon Sawan. They've been super helpful with showing me around, helping me learn how to order food, and bringing me to good food places. I'm grateful I have already met such wonderful people here!

Street food abounds!

The custom here is for people to go out for food. In fact, most apartments and houses do not even have a kitchen. I looked at about half a dozen apartments before I settled on one, and none of them had a kitchen. Only two had a mini-fridge. It's too hot to cook at home, so there are tons of street food restaurants that are just plastic tables and chairs around a small cart.