Monday, March 25, 2013

March Fun Mart

Last Friday, we had another Fun Mart at school. Throughout the semester, students in the younger classes earn stamps, which in turn earns them Fun Dollars. They can then use these Fun Dollars to buy toys, popcorn, and a turn at darts during Fun Mart.

To start the day off, the school ordered some Chinese food to help us get energized for the day. It was pretty delicious--there was chicken with sweet and sour sauce, some different pasta dishes, and of course, kimchi.

One of the dishes was a seafood pasta, which had mini octopi in it. One of which I ate. It was much tastier than I expected.

Poor baby octopus.

I'm obviously super excited to eat it!
The kids get super excited about it, and this one was particularly fun! I took a bunch of pictures, enjoy them!

The teachers came in early to help set everything up. Dan (in the picture to the left), being a bit of a neat freak, did one side all by himself because he didn't want anyone messing it up. It looks beautiful and orderly, as you can see.

The other side is a bit more disorganized, which was completed by several teachers (see picture below).

Many of the notebooks have fun little stories on them. Take a look at the picture to the left. The story says, " The monkey is pedaling along on his squeaky bicycle. The pig always knows what makes him happy. The elephant is on good terms with the dog". Cute, and pretty much nonsensical! Below are vitamin sticks which are basically candy.

The kids expectantly looking in at the fun stuff.
I'm pretty sure the adults had as much fun as the kids.
Bubble wands are great!
We were playing around before the kids even showed up!
Cherry and Mr. Lee making the popcorn.
Luckily, none of it was burned this time.
The kids "shopping".
More of the kids "shopping".
For most of the day, we just played around with the kids, got them some popcorn, watched them play darts, and tried to make them spend their fun dollars on high fives and games of rock, paper, scissors. Pretty sure the following pictures will say more than words can!

Playing on the patio.

I've determined that everyone loves bubbles. Everyone.
Especially adults.

Two of the cutest little kids ever!

Dan posing on the main desk,
soon to be mobbed by dozens of kids.

Dan and Tony.

The bags the kids put their goodies in.

Kids from one of my favorite classes--
Cloy, Liana, Sally, Ann.

 I don't know if you noticed Dan's ever-changing glasses... Fake glasses here are pretty popular (it's the hipster look), and at Fun Mart we had a bunch of pairs of these glasses, and Dan wanted to try pretty much all of them on.

Nana and her hipster glasses.
The arms are pens!

Dan getting beaten up by the tiniest kid
in the world, James.

The dart board!

Arnold, Dan and Andy.

Great picture.
Don't worry, no one was really getting hurt.
As you can see, Tony is still completely invested
in eating his popcorn.

Andy chair!

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