Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Moving to South Korea

Hello, everyone!

I haven't posted anything on here for a while, because I haven't been doing any traveling lately. I am reactivating it, though, because I am moving to South Korea at the end of this month.

I will be working at SPOL Academy in Dongtan, South Korea. Apparently Dongtan is kind of a suburb, so it's not really on any maps. According to a few resources, it's located in Hwaseong City. It does not appear on this map, but it's between Seoul and Suwon, but closer to Suwon.

The weather here is pretty similar to Wisconsin--there are four distinct seasons, and there is snowfall in winter. There is a rainy season, which happens at the end of June through the end of July.

I am set to arrive there on Monday, November 26th, so I will start updating this regularly around then.

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  1. Hello Stephanie! I know it's been a long time from this post, but I'd like to ask you a bit more about your experience there and specifically about SPOL Academy. Do you have any article on that? Or maybe could just tell me if you liked the experience and give some details about the company?